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Feeling very uninspired today. The weather is cold, dark and rainy and I just feel like napping. Pair that with a 12 hour day and you will find a gloomy Val that has nothing distinctive to say. I’m kinda glad this Friday is almost passed.

However, I am very excited for this weekend. We are headed out with our good friends for a . . .


I will be bringing my iPad, but for navigation and information mostly. Other than that, I plan to unplug and enjoy this weekend fully. I will be back with a re-cap as soon as I want to 😉

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! What are you up to?

I should point out here that I’m really not at the point that i am actually ‘running’ it’s more Ike spurts of running/jogging with walking and whatnot. I hope to be able to actually call myself a runner one day. I’m just going to go with the flow for right now and not put labels on myself . . . . Err . . . I hate labels!

I got up at 4:45 even though my alarm was set at 5. It wasn’t raining then but it definitely looked like it had been all night. Mom and I went anyway. Holy crap! The wind was brutal and the water came all the way up to some buildings by the boardwalk. It was tough to even walk against that wind in the sand. I ended up doing what I could though and still managed to get in a solid hour and 15 minutes of movement which is all I wanted.

Day number one . . . Check!

Believe me, I planned to take a bunch of pictures today for you, but it started raining fairly heavy as i got to the car.  In the meantime, i can link you to my dads flickr account which has pictures of Point Pleasant Beach on a sunny day. Photography is a hobby of his and he is getting really good at it.

I got a to do list like no other today . . . Time to get crackin’ 8)

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  • Ayla: My easiest dinner recipe? PB + banana sandwich. Takes 2 minutes which makes me a very happy girl.
  • kristisn: Yum! That looks like a great dinner.
  • Kate D: After two scarring experiences stuck in big city rush hour traffic (facing the wrong direction) while on vacation with my parents I totally understand

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