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I’d like to say that I get reader questions in my email, but I don’t . . . yet šŸ˜‰

But I can pretend for now . . . Here, watch!


Hey Val! I LOVE your blog. I read it like 14x per day!

I have a question though, what is your favorite seasoning or spice to use when cooking?


Funny you should ask, friend . . . šŸ™„

Out of all the amazing spices, seasonings, marinades ect. My favorite all-time seasoning is . . . .



Because it goes with EVERYTHING. Nothing tastes as good as when you eat something that your BODY is truly craving. All of your senses heighten so you can enjoy the textures, flavors, and temperatures bite by bite until you are SATISFIED. When you eat what you truly want you will be more in tuned to how you feel and the experience will make you want to do this more often!

Best part is, we already have it in the shelves of our body and although it’s hard to find sometimes, TRUST that it is there and wait till you find it. šŸ˜‰

Do yourself a favor and only eat when you can sprinkle, drizzle, coat or marinade your next meal in hunger!

Alright, I have been stressed about something the past few days. I can’t really explain why here, but believe me I am learning from it. šŸ˜¦

Im learning about how ‘auto-pilot’ I go when something is on my mind and taking control. I stop listening to my huger cues so much and I definitely don’t listen to my fullness signals as well either.

In the midst of everything, I pondered about something that has been happening . . .

Has this ever happened to you?

You get hunger pangs, that start draw your attention to the emptiness in your stomach. You think about eating and what sounds good to you. You don’t quite know exactly what you want, but you know the genre . . . Sweet, salty, carby, savory, protein-ish, warm, cold, liquidy

You finally decide on the theme . . .

You get to the kitchen . . . Scratch around a bit and . . . NOTHING.

There is absolutely nothing in the house that will satisfy your true hunger at this moment.

So what do you do?

Do you go out and get what it is that you want?

Or do you make do with what you have and eat a meal that cures hunger, but not in the pleasurable way?

I have to say most of the time, I try and make something out of what I have in the house. But that often leaves me feeling like I ‘missed something’ and that I need to eat AGAIN to satisfy the real craving. It’s as if my body carves out room for something specific and the hole won’t go away until it gets exactly what it needs. It’s like using a square shape block to fit into a circle.

I don’t always have time or money to go out and buy what I want, especially in the moment. And these days, I don’t always have a good enough stocked fridge and cabinets to create the perfect satisfying meal, but I am working on it.

I know every meal is not going to be perfect and that’s fine with me. It just seems to happen a lot lately and I’m wondering if you ladies go through this too.

What if you are in a situation where you must eat a sandwich if your craving a smoothie? Do you eat the sandwich anyway to cure the hunger. Or do you wait it out for what it is that you really want.

**My efforts will be posted as the day goes on. The pictures will all be clumped together at the bottom due to the way my wordpress app works**

Im glad I am going to start this series today because it is not a usual day. I have work for only 3 hours, it is a weekend day, its the first weekend day since May that Chris isnt working and . . . im in prime PMS mode. This is especially going to make things different because I really feel that I am in a different realm in the week before TOM. I feel tired, lethargic, puffy, and moody and it only makes sense that during this time, I crave foods that make me want to keep feeling this way even though I obviously dont want to feel like that.

Anyway . . . My day started at 6:25am, or 5:00am if you want to count all the tossing and turning I did half asleep. When I finally got up, I was in NO mood to eat anything. Its weird I have this like morning anxiety upon waking up sometimes. I feel nautious and just tense. This has always been something that I felt ever since school days . . . its very strange that it hasnt gone away yet, especially since I am only working a few hours and ive done this 5 million times. As far as number on a hunger scale . . it was 9 or 10, but not from being full, just my body clamming up saying ‘no way! not yet kid!’

I got showered and dressed and I started to feel the hunger pangs really quick. Id say I was about a 4 when I was done with my makeup. I waited a little while longer so that I could actually tell what type of food I wanted to eat. At this point, its either eggs, oats or something sweet. I decided on having 2 small pieces of the Banana Zucchini Bread that I whipped up yesterday (recipe coming soon). Of course I had my trusty water bottle with me.(PICTURE #1)

I should note that I usually bring a cup of coffee or chai tea to work with me. More then the taste, I enjoy the comfort of something warm to sip on. It gives me something to look forward to during the first hour of the day (i dont mind when it gets cold) which is the hardest part to get through. I was about to make something, but I honestly knew that it was my mind winning over that wanted it to help me through rather then my body actually willing and able to accept it kindly. I ate the bread pieces pretty damn fast because I didnt want to be late. This resulted in me feeling full, id say like a 7. I knew that it was just because I rushed though.

Right now it is 8:47am and I have balanced out to a 5 and am hanging strong there. I realize that those yummy bread pieces dont have much staying power though so we will see how far it takes me.

As far as the rest of the day, I have my food options wide open. Im interested to see what happens, especially since this exercise is making me way hyper-consious again of what is going on.

Ok, things started to go down hill almost immediately after my last update.

@ 9:32am I grabbed the bag of roasted chick peas that I left at work. I munched on a half cup of them which was all that was left. That helped a little bit, but then I started to get a craving for my morning coffee . . . way later than usual obviously.

@ 10:33am all I could think about was what I should eat for my next meal and what I was craving. I’d say at this point I am at the lower end of 3 on the hunger scale.

@ 11:48am I am home from work and typing this. I still haven’t eaten, but just knowing I was reporting here kept me from consulting the fridge first. I am still ready to eat, but I am waiting until Chris and I figure out what what we are doing today. This could mean I eat something home or scope out the eating scene wherever we go. The hunger doesn’t feel as ravenous as it did around 1030. I realize I could be heading right for an overeating situation, but we will see what happens.

@ 12:09pm Chris and I decided to go to the Jersey Gardens mall in Elizabeth which is basically a giant outlet mall about an hour from here. We knew we wouldn’t make it without something in our stomachs, so I had a small sandwich on multigrain bread with turkey and chipotle mayo. (PICTURE #2). This helped, but I found myself hungry right away. 3.5 on hunger scale.

@ 2:45pm Once we finally got to the mall, especially after the frustration of getting a tiny bit lost, we decided to eat before we shopped. I have to say, for a big mall, they really didn’t have many restaurant options. We decided on a fast food sit down version of Chili’s called Chili’s too. The menu wasn’t extensive but I knew I wanted a drink so I ordered a ruby red margarita. I decided on a fiesta chicken wrap because It had avocado and veggies and chicken. The salads weren’t really appealing. (PICTURE #3-5)

I ate about 3/4 of the wrap and gave the rest to chris. I did eat a bunch of my fries too but ended up leaving a good pile on the plate. By the end of the meal, and drink . . . I felt comfortable. Maybe just over a 5. The problem was that when we started walking around, the drink hit me a bit. I became really tired and sluggish and had a headache. I tried to push through. I wanted to point out that while walking around, I did feel a little self conscious. I gain about 5-7 lbs of water weight the week before TOM and I feel every ounce of it. This was a factor in the reason why I didn’t stop in more stores and only came out of the deal with 4 t-shirts.

@ 3:45pm Before we left, we stopped at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory to get a snack. We saw this on the way in and decided to hit it up before we left. We chose to split a sprinkle caramel apple (PICTURE #6-7). I ended up having 2 slices and would say I maintained a 6 through the ride home.

@ 6:12pm We are home right now but just relaxing. And honestly, I’m not hungry but my mind is craving another slice or two of the apple even though I know my body is telling me it doesn’t need it. It’s Ike a mix of taste hunger and a mix of ‘won’t have that for a long time’ hunger. I’m going
to just hang around here on the couch and try and figure out what it is I want to do and not use the apple to try and figure out what I want to do.
@ 6:48pm I found what I really needed was some rest. I had a pounding headache and felt weird about napping so late but i never promised you that Chris and I weren’t weird 8) We set the alarm for 8:30pm and here we are. Still I wasn’t hungry, but i started preparing all of my stuff for tomorrows and I had one last bite of a slice of apple to satisfy my taste hunger and I am done!


Today, was definitely not a typical day. The food I mostly ate were things I didn’t normally eat. I felt like I ate a lot more today then I actually did. At no point in the day did i feel like i have overeaten but i cant say that if I wasn’t blogging this that I wouldn’t have, so that at least helped. Most of my emotional eating comes when i am stressed out or rushed, or from when i don’t know what to feel and that kind of situation didn’t really arise today. In the future, when I do this, I will be recording more of my feelings, honing in on specific principles and maybe outlining things a little differently.

Thanks to those following along on my first attempt! I’ll be sure to do this again soon!

When the world of intuitive eating unfolded for me, I was very excited and scared. I was excited because I knew it was possible, but scared because I didn’t know how. I turned to the blogs where real people were sharing their experiences good and bad and that helped a lot. Especially Honor My Health and Health for the Whole Self

Sometimes, I get on such a roll with listening to my inner wisdom and I am soaring through the day so positively. Other days I am distracted by other things and I am not following the guidelines as closely as I could (but, I am conscious about it). One of the things that I wanted to try and do was document a whole day of intuitive eating. This includes my moods, feelings, hunger scale, what I ate ect. I want to not only do it on a ‘normal’ day, but also days where I am at work, or days that I will be out for most of it, or days where I sit home all day. No day is the same, so I know the way I eat won’t be. Now I am still figuring out how I am going to lay this out. My guess is that I will be posting my day in 3rds or more just to kind of tune into my feelings more at that time. Other times, I won’t be able to get to posting as soon as I feel something, but i will be sure to keep a pen and pad with me to make sure I get it up here the way its meant to be.

I hope to start this today so stay tuned and let me know if you have any ideas or things you would like me to document in the process!

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  • Ayla: My easiest dinner recipe? PB + banana sandwich. Takes 2 minutes which makes me a very happy girl.
  • kristisn: Yum! That looks like a great dinner.
  • Kate D: After two scarring experiences stuck in big city rush hour traffic (facing the wrong direction) while on vacation with my parents I totally understand

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