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I’ve been getting some help with finding out my true self worth and how I tie it to so many materialistic things that jump around like crazy. Whether it’s weight, finances or success they all have served as shields of excuses for why I act certain ways and put myself last.

I refuse to let my blog be one of them!

Starting a blog is intimidating. The blogs I first came across were the ones that are most popular. Of course that’s what happened, they have the most exposure.

I got to see how they live and how popular they are. I may have wanted to emulate some aspects of their blogs or their lives so maybe one day I can be popular too. I felt like thats what I had to do go be worthy to have my own blog. I realized I had a different life to share and wonder if I fit in this land of blog. Luckily I have learned quickly that though it may be nice, being ‘popular’ is not the goal I should have AT ALL.

I can proudly say that I am not here to emulate somebody else.

I absolutely fit in being my own special self.

I blog because I want to say what is on my mind and have a constant story going.

I blog because I think I am interesting and different.

I blog because I draw inspiration from other bloggers and sometimes my own self.

I blog because I like the supportive community.

I blog because some of my experiences are relatable to others.

I blog because it’s fun.

I have barely been in this game with this blog for 2 months and i have to admit, there were days that my stats made me feel as low as they were. Or there are times when didnt understand why I got a good amount of views on a post and no comments.

This doesn’t bother me anymore because I have learned something valuable that I think all bloggers should.

The number of stats and comments does NOT define the worth and value of your message.

Some people read and don’t comment. Some people don’t read on certain days or read certain posts. Some people don’t read at all!


If your blogging purely for stats, you might as well post a naked pic of yourself dancing!

No matter what, these numbers mean nothing against what you have to say so long as you wrap your voice around every post. More then likely, people come to read your blog to get a good slice of YOU. That in itself is worth more then a million views right?

Maybe one day, things will change for me. I may have a successful blog that even makes money (NOT by posting naked dancing pics! šŸ˜‰ ) Maybe I won’t! Whatever happens, I will try not to let myself get wrapped up in the number game and be grateful for what I do have. šŸ™‚

Have any if you ever felt down because of stats and comments?

I really like writing stuff. I am always looking for a way to show my opinion on something or chime in on a topic that I find interesting. This is the 3rd blog that I have started with the main theme of ‘balance’. The first two failed because maybe I got ahead of myself and thought that I was knowledgable on the topic and that all of my posts should be teaching something about it. Of course, that didnt happen and when I came across a challenge, I didnt want to post anything because I felt that it would take things in the opposite direction.

I would like to call this a Healthy Living Blog , but sometimes I dont feel like I fit in. Mainly because when I look at most of them, I see the following trends . . .

* Runners
* RD’s, Health/Wellness Coaches
* Vegetarians & Vegans
* Amazing Travels
* Amazing Food/Restaurants
* Cute Little Dogs, Husbands and Apartments

Dont get me wrong, all of these things are very interesting to me and maybe I am a bit jealous of those things. But the point is that I really cant say that I harbor any of these trends in my daily life. Sometimes that makes me feel a bit inadequate, honestly. I feel like some bloggers have the perfect life. Sometimes I feel like people wont care about what I have to say because I feel like I am so different. I do know however, that this is just me being a little insecure and of course the feeling, or ANY feeling heightens in pms week when I am super emotional. I also know that I am not blogging for other people right? I shouldn’t be striving to be like anyone else. I mean isnt this supposed to be about me? Maybe in a sick way I feel like if I adopt some of these things, then I will finally feel like I am healthy?

Err . . . I am sure I will find my voice in time, it just feels like a bumpy ride, especially when I first start a blog. This is about the time I give up unfortunatley. Maybe something will click along the way if I keep trying. I mean, my life is about to change so rapidly when school starts that I am SURE I will have plenty of more exciting things to blog about, but for now . . . this is just me.

Me who . . .

* Can barely run more then 5min without stopping to walk
* Works for a Chiropractor
* Travels usually to the same places every time
* Is so incredibly random at times that who knows what post is going to pop up here
* Doesnt have a high tech camera to take awesome pictures of food
* Struggles with body image every day
* Doesn’t consistently exercise
* Eats meat on most days
* Is trying to find balance by digging through good bad and ugly

I just want to point out to not take offense of this post to anyone. This is not about anybody’s blog in specific. This is just me coming across the common trends in healthy living blogs and me realizing that I dont share most of them.

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  • Ayla: My easiest dinner recipe? PB + banana sandwich. Takes 2 minutes which makes me a very happy girl.
  • kristisn: Yum! That looks like a great dinner.
  • Kate D: After two scarring experiences stuck in big city rush hour traffic (facing the wrong direction) while on vacation with my parents I totally understand

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