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Happy One Month Birthday Blog!

(Jills birthday cake made by Marie. . . Used for good measure)

I know this isn’t a huge milestone in blog land, but for me it is. I actually went a whole month successfully posting unlike my last 2 blogs and I feel really good about this one. This month I . . .

Put Myself Out There. I became a face of beauty and showed my struggles on how I selected the picture that made it.

Learned About Fear. and how in most cases fear is worse then the problem you face.

Fought Against An Avalanche Of Negativity. I was able to stop a series of negative actions that drowned my thoughts just from looking at one unflattering picture.

Talked To Myself. I got to really speak to the wise inner voice inside of me that was previously silenced by an obsession of diet and exercise.

Began MY Future I got acceptance to the school I have been wanting to go to and will be starting this fall!

Fit In! yes, I may not fit the norm, but damnit I fit in here in my own special way!

I’m constantly learning new things and loving that I have a place to share my thoughts. I’m even more lucky that I have other people read my thoughts and share thoughtful comments. All of you rock!

I love the support and look forward to many more memories as my life begins to change for the better 🙂

I’m off for a wild ride with Ashley tonight. Stay tuned for the madness 😉


Well, I can’t say that I didn’t have a struggle doing this, and I also can’t say I am completely ok with putting myself out there like this, but I am doing it anyway.

Head over to Faces of Beauty to check out my day in the spotlight. And if your brave enough . . . . JOIN THE MOVEMENT and be the change you want to see.

We all are beautiful!

On my lunch break I read about Faces of Beauty on Heathers blog. The Dove video she posted was very moving to me. I wanted to take part in this venture and I am glad I did. It already has taught me a lesson . . .

When I got home from work I took all of my makeup off, made sure my hair was as desheveld as it was all day,and started snapping pictures of my face. This was my inner dialogue while flipping through them and trying to choose.

“The first one . . . Err, the lighting was wrong. . . Hm, this one makes my teeth look even more yellow . . . And that one there makes my face look fat, wow . . . this one makes my complexion look spotty . . . Oh, can’t have that one on there . . . . it showcases my one lone dimple”

I must have taken 20 or 30 pictures and I was not satisfied with any of them. No matter what angle I took it from, or what background or lighting I chose . . . . I still found something ‘wrong’ with the pictures. 😦

I took a break and laid on my bed to write my blurb about why I thought I was beautiful . . . ironic huh? 🙄 When I truly asked myself what I thought beauty was, the word REAL came to my head. I think that beauty is being able to be your real true self no matter what. So, how could i honestly believe that when I couldn’t see it in myself?

At that moment, I picked up the camera and snapped a picture of myself right then and there. Sure, my teeth are crooked and my skin isn’t glowing and I’m sure that the media wouldn’t accept this picture of me as beautiful . . . But this is me . . . .RIGHT NOW . . . REAL AND RAW. I am not pretending in this picture and I don’t have any regrets . . . And ironically, out of all the pictures I took that night, this was the one i thought was beautiful.

Don’t get me wrong, i think being pretty and getting all dolled up has its time and place, but I know for sure that being that way all of the time is just absolutely not what happens in the real world. When I see women in public, or when i am reading blogs . . . I enjoy seeing everyone doing things just the way they are. Whether they are just coming back from a workout, or just finished dinner at a fancy schmancy restaurant. Real people with real faces doing real things.

With that I am going to take a leap of faith. I am going to BE what I want to SEE more of. For now on, whenever I post a picture of myself, I promise that it will be the first shot. No editing, no fancy angles (unless of course it is a fancy shot) and most of all no judging them when I look at them which to me, will be the hardest part. I realize that some pictures won’t be flattering or traditionally ‘beautiful’ but this is a risk I am willing to take. This is what being real is all about right?

I’m going to leave this post with some of the images that I took that weren’t ‘good enough’. The very last one is the one I chose to send to Heather and hopefully I will be posted soon. In the meantime, please check out other Faces of Beauty and if your daring enough . . . Join the movement!

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  • Ayla: My easiest dinner recipe? PB + banana sandwich. Takes 2 minutes which makes me a very happy girl.
  • kristisn: Yum! That looks like a great dinner.
  • Kate D: After two scarring experiences stuck in big city rush hour traffic (facing the wrong direction) while on vacation with my parents I totally understand

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