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So I did it! It’s weird that today’s run/jog was better than the other two. I thought today would be the day where I was so sluggish and frustrated that would just get pissed off and walk the whole way, but l ended up running more this workout then any of them! The only problem i had was my reaction when i caught a glimpse of myself in car windows. I felt gross 😦

I kind of feel a little guilty though. I withdrew myself from a social situation with some girlfriends partly because I wanted to make sure I ran, and partly because I was too tired and wanted to stay with Chris. I know they are mad, but they will get over it in time. Plus, it involved eating raw cake and cookie batter. 😳

As for the upcoming week, i don’t see why I can’t keep the same goal. Especially since I am off a bunch of days due to us switching hours and the holiday. I like this routine. It’s working for me right now. Maybe I will even do it 4x πŸ˜€

Dad went with us this morning to snap some pics and video. He is going to email me the video of me running on the sand and the awesome video of the sun rising on the beach. For now though here is a picture of a house close to the boardwalk. These peeps must have a good landscaper:)

Run #2 . . . . Check!

The conditions were much nicer today, but still I have to say that run #1 was much better in terms of pushing myself and actually jogging more intervals. Not sure why but I felt a little more sluggish today. Also, there were pools of sea water in between little sand banks from all of the erosion and i got caught in the middle of one when a giant wave came and there was nowhere to go and nothing else to do but stand there and get wet. I’m soaked up to my shins πŸ™‚

Either way, I got it done and I am proud. If i didn’t make this little commitment to do this 3 times this week, I am not sure that I would have actually done it. It was hard to get up, but knowing I had to report here gave me that extra push. Just a note though, if I truly felt like my body was telling me not to and that I needed more rest, i definitely would have stayed in bed.

I took some images this morning, very random ones. Because of the way this word press app works, I can’t put them in between words just yet so I’m just going to kinda caption them out right here.

#1 – POST RUN FACE! . . . . that’s all I got πŸ˜›
#2 & 3 – A view of the beach and boardwalk (I’ll get better ones in the future)
#4 – the moon still sticking around at 7:30am
#5 – this little guy was watching me blog while waiting for my mom, he will be doing a guest post next week 8)

Stay tuned later for an interesting post on beauty and a very recent body image struggle . . .

I should point out here that I’m really not at the point that i am actually ‘running’ it’s more Ike spurts of running/jogging with walking and whatnot. I hope to be able to actually call myself a runner one day. I’m just going to go with the flow for right now and not put labels on myself . . . . Err . . . I hate labels!

I got up at 4:45 even though my alarm was set at 5. It wasn’t raining then but it definitely looked like it had been all night. Mom and I went anyway. Holy crap! The wind was brutal and the water came all the way up to some buildings by the boardwalk. It was tough to even walk against that wind in the sand. I ended up doing what I could though and still managed to get in a solid hour and 15 minutes of movement which is all I wanted.

Day number one . . . Check!

Believe me, I planned to take a bunch of pictures today for you, but it started raining fairly heavy as i got to the car. Β In the meantime, i can link you to my dads flickr account which has pictures of Point Pleasant Beach on a sunny day. Photography is a hobby of his and he is getting really good at it.

I got a to do list like no other today . . . Time to get crackin’ 8)

Last night I barely slept. My nose kept stuffing up and I kept sneezing like crazy. Not to mention the MAJOR heartburn from last nights meal. I planned to get up and run on the beach in the morning. This is something my mom has been doing for years now and it’s helped her lose a lot of weight. In the past year I try and make sure I also go a couple times a week because it is an excellent workout and a peaceful start to the day. It takes about one hour and 15min to complete and I alternate walking and jogging intervals on the sand, boardwalk and street. No workout is ever the same and i never put any pressure on myself as to how far to run, how fast ect. This is a big step for me since i literally could not do ANY type of exercise without wearing a heart rate monitor and beating myself up because i didn’t burn X amount of calories on any given workouts.

Anyway, despite all the factors I had working against me this morning, I decided to go anyway and just do it. I gotta take my own advice sometimes and realize that the worst thing that could happen by going when I don’t want to is that:

A. I have a crappy run
B. It will make me too tired during the day
C. . . . Um, I got nothin’

So, yeah wow, I’ve been making pretty poor excuses for myself for not being consistent with my beach exercise. If i have a crappy workout, then I get over it and still feel good knowing i did something. And of course the solution to being to tired is also, get over it or take a nap! This is kind of sad because this is one of the few types of exercise that i really enjoy.

I’ve decided to make a commitment to doing this 3 times next week. I just want to accomplish one week at a time and my motivation is that I know how much better I feel about well, everything when I am consistent. I will update my progress through the week and snap some shots of my views.

Of course, they are calling for rain all week though . . . . πŸ˜•

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  • Ayla: My easiest dinner recipe? PB + banana sandwich. Takes 2 minutes which makes me a very happy girl.
  • kristisn: Yum! That looks like a great dinner.
  • Kate D: After two scarring experiences stuck in big city rush hour traffic (facing the wrong direction) while on vacation with my parents I totally understand

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