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Hi! I am Val from Balancing Val.  

Val asked me to guest post for her while shes on vacation, and since I think shes awesome . . . I jumped at the chance.

……kidding . . . aren’t I always lately 🙄

^ my favorite picture ever, I kept jumping in front of the camera while we were playing mini golf while Chris tried to take pictures. Cracks me up every time.

Anyway . . .

I wanted to jump in and take this spot since Sundays arent the greatest day for exposure and it wouldnt be fair to my guest posters.

I never even wrote my OWN responses to the questions I was asking!? and I figure I would take up an open spot 😉 

So, shortly and sweetly . . . here goes . . . 

What is something in your life that you are struggling with that’s holding you back from having balance in your healthy life?

Honestly, there are quite a few things holding me back.  Id have to say the number one thing is LOVING AND ACCEPTING MYSELF THE WAY I AM .

Even thinking about the those two words ‘loving myself’ make me feel very uncomfortable, almost like Im not allowed to do such a thing or deserve to do such a thing. 

This is the reason I put myself last in everything.  This is the reason I don’t go after what I truly want even if it may not be what someone else wants. This is the reason I dont take chances in life.

What have you learned so far and what are the steps are you taking to overcome it?

I’m learning that just the mere fact of being alive is enough to deserve to put myself first.  With the help of this community and intuitive eating, I am taking baby steps, having lightbulb moments and forcing myself to be uncomfortable so I can work out these deep rooted issues and be on my way to my happiest self.

Its a long journey and I know this, but a journey I have started 🙂 A big thanks to all of you who follow me along no matter how random I may be!

PS . . . mine is way better than Chris’s attempt right? Come on . . . tell the truth 😉


Alright, you are probably all mega sick of me talking about anything to have to do with vacation but . . . TOO BAD SUCKA!!

I kid . . .

I do want to talk about something though, something I struggle with besides The Vacation Fat Cycle. I struggle with . . .


I know nobody is shocked, but you see . . . I have ruined almost every roadtrip, weekend trip and full vacation trips with my eating habits. This is why I was so incredibly proud of myself for turning it all around when I went to Philadelphia recently.

On every vacation we have been both cursed and blessed with the amount and variety of free food we have available to us. Our cruises offered anything anytime, while in Disney we had the luxury of a FREE dining plan in which we had dessert with breakfast . . . everyday. This of course, doesnt include the fact that we also went during the annual food and wine festival which was amaaaazing.

The problem was that we would completley stuff ourselves silly at every meal, every time. We would eat when we werent hungry for the sake of being on vacation and we would drink a fair amount on top of that. The first few days our adrenaline and excitement pushed us along until that started to wear thin. We began feeling, tired, sluggy and as jiggly as the barely covered boobs we saw walking around.

We didnt have energy, we were cranky, we were constipated, we stopped trying new things, and stopped particpating in fun events. We enjoyed ourselves of course, but I always imagine how much BETTER things would be if we werent uncomfortably stuffing ourselves.

And so every year I start coming up with ridiculous plans to avoid that sluggy feeling. 5 heavy lifting workouts, a giant bowl of fruit before breakfast, a huge salad before dinner, no sweets after 8pm, no meat . . . you name it! Of course this sets me up for an immediate backfire which is even stronger compounded with all my other body image/weight issues. Oh, its so not worth it.

This time I have no strict orders for myself. Just one goal . . .

Feel light more often then not.

Yep, thats it. When I feed my body what it wants, when it wants the result is that I feel light and airy and full of energy. When I feel light, I crave movement and fun. And Im absolutley SURE of it that there will be some times next week when I dont feel light maybe because I wanted to try something new but wasnt hungry, or a time when I found something I couldnt get enough of and ate until I was uncomfortable. And thats fine. I wont feel guilt because my goal gives me the “jiggle” room to make mistakes in the name of fun.

If I can make this goal, I have no doubt that this will be one of the best vacations ever! 🙂

After Thursday’s gratitude breakthrough, I have been on a high of some sort. I just feel happy. Yes I have a massive to do list and things I could be stressing about, but in the big picture . . . Life is good 🙂

So I did something crazy . . .

I signed up for a 5k!

Yes, it’s in two weeks and I know I am not trained whatsoever for it, but it sounds like a good time and Why the heck not?

It’s held at the boardwalk where my usual runs are, and it is also a costume race. I’m debating if I am going to wear a costume only because I may not have time to put it all together. I had a great idea of chris being Mario and me being an ‘invincible star’ with something attached to me that sings the tune. I know you all know it 😉

Oh and another awesome thing besides Chris doing it too is that so is my mom and my two sisters! They don’t plan to run either which is why it’s good that its a walk too.

Luckily, I was able to get to road runner to get fitted for some serious sneaks. They do this awesome free testing to see check balance, where you pronate and I even got custom orthotics! I ended up taking home these babies. I’m a fan of Saucony, very comfortable.

I was lucky enough to score some free stuff like socks, gu chomps, a hat and some pens since it was Ladies Night

I’m excited! Exercise is so much more enjoyable when you aren’t doing it for weight loss 🙂

What do you think of me signing up for a 5k with zero training? Yay or Nay?


Posted on: October 8, 2010

If you haven’t already, check out the Self Discovery Word By Word Blogger Series on Ashley’s blog Nourishing The Soul.

The word first word of this series is GRATITUDE and what comes to mind when you see this word. I have to say I didn’t know what to write for this. Especially seeing amazing entries like the one from Katie but sometimes I get inspiration when I don’t expect it.

I haven’t exercised in almost 2 weeks. I don’t feel guilty about this, I swear. My body needed rest, it was raining, and the stars just didn’t align. However, this made me nervous to finally go out for a workout today as I was starting to make slow but steady progress in my running.

Mom and I decided to go to the reservoir which is always a good option. It was cold, empty and beautiful.

I told myself that I would only run for 2min then walk for 3min the whole time and if i got tired or couldn’t keep this pace, then there was absolutely no shame in walking. During one of the jogging intervals, I decided to not stop. I ran for 10min straight! I passed a family of deer on the way and I think my proud smile kept me going. I was so proud.

THEN I decided to do the same about 10min later. I put a good song on and just went for it. Can I tell you . . . I DIDNT STOP FOR 21 MINUTES! I made it all the way smiling through the hilly terrain to the very end.

I’ve NEVER EVER ran this long. This was big. I started thinking about why I was able to do this today and not any other day.

Well, the in two weeks that I didn’t exercise I took care of myself much better then usual. Vitamins, vegetables, relaxing, having a good time with friends, laughing, eating less sugar I believe that exercise is NOT the only way to take care of yourself.

Today, the sum of all of this added up to . . .


My body was thanking me for taking care of it! I think in this run today, I finally made the connection. If you take care of your body, it will show you GRATITUDE and take care of you! I would have never had the energy or motivation to do this had I not consciously made the effort in taking better care of myself the past 2 weeks. Again, something you already know but don’t necessarily believe until all of the lessons you learn snowball in your head until they click.

I believe that my body deserves this gratitude in the form of taking better care of myself. I put it through SO much hell in the past few years by dieting, overtraining, and hating it, and it always followed me through showing me signs as I ignored them in a quest of a newer ‘better’ body.

The lesson . . .

Show your body the gratitude it deserves the way it is RIGHT NOW or it will never show it back to you.

What have YOU done to show yourself gratitude?

Ok, this is getting out of hand. Woke up to another cold, rainy dark day. It seems my mood today is following this pattern too 😦

I honestly considered not posting at all today for fear of being too negative, but this is my life. There are good days and bad days . . . Right?

I woke up way too early this morning on a day that I was able to sleep in. Work left such a sour taste in my mouth the whole day, and I think it carried on through the night. Either way, I was able to catch up on blogs and plan out how I was going to cross of my to do list. Chris is off today too which makes things more enjoyable.

I started to have this awful pain in my back which was just annoying. Then I got a knock on the door from my ever so friendly monthly visitor. After rolling around on my bed in agony from horrid cramps for 45min, I was able to take a shower and get ready to tackle the day.

The plan was to . . .

finally finish getting car inspected

go to road runner to get fitted for running sneaks

go to mall to get some work shirts for fall/winter

go food shopping

fully clean at least ONE room in the apartment

As SOON as I got out of the shower, I looked around the apartment and was immediately overwhelmed. We haven’t done a full top to bottom clean on the apartment in months and it was showing more then ever. Not to mention the clutter . . . Oh the clutter. In my head I didn’t know where to start. There is just too much to tackle.

So, we decided to take my car to the shop only to find out that the sensor it needs to pass STILL hasn’t reset yet. He said to keep driving it around. I understand he’s trying to do his job, but damnit I feel so anxious driving around without any sticker even though I have proof that would prevent me from getting a ticket. I’m a driving cop target!

Speaking of Target, that’s where we went next to pick up a few things. That’s also where I decided a tall vanilla soy latte would make me feel all better warm and cozy. NOT . . . $3.91 for a cup filled half with foam left me with no warmth or coziness I assure you.

Off to grocery shop . . . That will make me feel better right? NOT . . . We went in without a list which gives me anxiety in the first place and ended up putting all but a few items back. I get so mad knowing I could get certain things cheaper in other stores and I wasn’t about to be screwed over again just because we were being lazy.

After dropping some things off at home where I did NOT receive my official acceptance letter still . . . . We decided to eat before we went to another store that was about 25min away. Chris has an unnatural obsession with Chinese Buffets and we had a coupon so we went for it. Problem is . . . . WE BOTH WERENT HUNGRY! I don’t mind eating food that isn’t considered ‘good’ but I do mind when I decide to eat when I clearly am not physically hungry for it. We were both punished because we both have sharp pains in our stomach and I feel like garbage. I’ll admit that I feel guilty as well even though I didn’t eat that much.

We made it to the other store and got what we needed, but coming home to stock the apartment with MORE things just makes me see all of the other things that need to get done, and now with this MSG hangover, I REALLY don’t feel like doing anything.

I know these aren’t the worst things that could happen to someone, but I’m feeling the crunch lately in all aspects.

Part of me thinks that to do lists make things worse sometimes. Working one entire day and having one entire day off the whole week makes me feel like I MUST get everything done on these off days. I find myself feeling guilty when I don’t do things and sitting around a cluttered apartment is a constant reminder of what I’m NOT doing.

I need to find balance with time management. To do lists aren’t helping lately, and scheduling blocks of time for things aren’t helping either. I feel emotionally drained even though I feel like I have no reason to be.

Anyway . . .

I’m going to try and get SOMETHING done before we have to go to Chris moms house for dinner. I would honestly rather stay here though 😦

If your still with me, thanks for reading 🙂


EDIT: ok, I’m kind of sick of hearing about it now . . . Let’s move on shall we 😉

It is gloom city out here! Cold, rainy and dark. After a long wonderful weekend, it was not easy to get my ass out of bed and go to work. Surprisingly, I got a lot done. However, that may be because my boss, much like a premenstrual woman . . . is taking something out on me without telling me why. I’m a communicator, so it pisses me off when people are mad or upset about something I may have done and don’t tell me about it. Apparently, it is easier to hold a grudge and treat me like shit until it all goes away. Whatever, I can’t worry about it.

Though, I am getting a bit worried that I haven’t gotten my official acceptance letter from school. She said around October 1st. Is today around October first? . . . Eh, I’m just getting antsy.

Apparently, all is gloomy in healthy blog land too! Unless your living under a healthy blog shielding rock, you probably have read about The Article. The one attacking the 6 popular healthy living bloggers. You can find it somewhere . . . I promise.

Your probably sick of reading rebuttals and thoughts already, but I’m going to say my piece anyway . . . .

First, I think that ANY magazine that is targeting bloggers will RARELY ever show them in a positive light.


Because more and more people are turning to free accounts of real peoples lives instead of buying crappy magazines full of advertising featuring products and lives we never want to and in most cases, cant afford to have.

I think the article is kind of mean. It showcases these women in a bad light and leaves out VERY important information. Of course you ate more then a brownie after running . . . Why in the world would someone report that you didn’t?

These women have never claimed to be any kind of specialists and have never told anyone to follow what they do for success whether it is deemed unhealthy or not and for that, I feel bad that they were put in a negative light.

The magazine is actually not helping their case because what do you think they are going to research after reading this article?

Anyway . . . .

All this aside, ALL media including blogs must be taken with a grain of salt and I understand that people who are in the midst or even slightly recovering from any kind if disordered eating should heed this advice even MORE.

But, even little old me . . . I must admit, had a hard time starting this blog up. When I first started reading healthy living blogs, a few of those 6 were the ones I read, frankly because I didn’t know that there were many others. When I started Balancing Val, I didn’t think I had what it took to be worthy of having my own blog because I didn’t fit that same mold as them.

It led to my most popular post DO I FIT IN HERE?

I quickly realized that having my OWN voice was important . . . No matter how many chia seeds I DIDNT have in my repetitive bowl of oats. I like where I am, and that I can be ridiculous self 😉 There are SO many blogs out there that you and I relate to better. Just because they arent wildly popular does NOT mean that their worth in this community is any different. No one should be the same and I really enjoy how the differences in us round out this community.

Honestly, I still read these popular blogs. They have done some hard work marketing themselves to the point that I just like reading them for interest and not imitation. I absolutely don’t hold any of them accountable for my successes and failures, and neither should anyone else.

Like a lot of people, I think that this article raises some very interesting discussions and thoughts. I think the main thing we all can take away is . . .

No matter what, people should be themselves . . . Always!

What are YOUR thoughts?

WARNING: this is another post on self-care. I don’t have advice to give here or any life changing revelations. This is simply just an observation I have had recently and I’d like to post it while its on my mind.

Over the weekend my mom was driving me and my sisters somewhere. A song came on the radio that I enjoy. At first I turned it up but then quickly turned it back down to a simmer.

See, I’m the only one that enjoyed that song and I felt like if no one else did then I shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy it. Not only that, but I didn’t want to hear the . . . .

“ugh, you LIKE this song?”

I started thinking about other situations in my life that make me feel this way and coincidentally most of them revolve around food. For instance . . .

I always like to be the last one on the buffet line. whether it’s a party or some sort of event that unveils food all at once, I don’t feel like I should be up there first. Part of me just doesn’t like a crowd but I think the real reason is that I want everyone else to get what they want before I get what I want. If there is only crap left then that’s ok, thats what I deserve.

I can’t eat if your not eating. If I’m hungry and I want to eat, and Chris doesn’t want to then I just don’t eat. Eating is a pleasurable experience for me and if that other person doesn’t doesn’t want to participate, then I don’t deserve to either. I also think that when you are hungry and you eat when no one else is, it draws attention to you even if you aren’t hungry. I feel like people stare at my food and wish they ordered something and then I feel compelled to share which I don’t mind doing but attention on just me makes me uncomfortable.

These are just the main food instances, but I realize it happens a lot in life.

I like to be last on line for everything.

I never believe that I could win a contest.

I like going shopping and doing things on off peak times.

The more I think about it, the more things come to me. The main theme is that for some reason, I don’t feel like I deserve to put myself out there and do what I want. I feel like I can’t relax unless everybody else is happy. I am putting others before myself when I don’t always need to.

I must explore this more.

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  • Ayla: My easiest dinner recipe? PB + banana sandwich. Takes 2 minutes which makes me a very happy girl.
  • kristisn: Yum! That looks like a great dinner.
  • Kate D: After two scarring experiences stuck in big city rush hour traffic (facing the wrong direction) while on vacation with my parents I totally understand

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