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My First Ever 5K Race Recap

Posted on: November 3, 2010

On October 30th 2o1o . .  Chris, Mom, Jill, Marie and myself ran in the Monster Dash 5k to support Point Pleasant EMS in NJ.

In one word, I can sum up my first 5k  . . . . FUN

The adrenaline of it all pushed me to run further without stopping for as long as I can remember.

Before I start I just want to give credit to our photographer . . . Dad.  He got some great shots through the course of the race and we will forever have these to remember this awesome time 🙂

When we got there, we went right in to receive our numbers.  I was proud to be 1-2-3!

It was kind of cold so we all hung out in the sun.

We had an hour until race time, so Jill and I decided to to a warm-up jog back and fourth to the bathroom.

And Chris . . . he warmed up in his own weird way . . .

As time ticked by, we started reviewing the map and getting excited.

We all waited patiently at the starting line.

And before we knew it, we were off!  Down the boardwalk, through the inlet and onto the streets.  We were cheered on along the way by all of the EMS workers stopping traffic for us.  We kept a really great pace only stopping to walk a couple times so Marie could rest her calfs.  But we ran most of the way!

When we made it back to the final stretch on the boardwalk, we ditched Marie and picked up the pace.  I ended up finishing in 35:38 which was WAY under my goal of 50 minutes!

Chris followed right behind me as Marie was not too far behind.  Mom came in just over 40min and Jill kicked it into high gear to make it in 42min which is impressive for someone who walked most of the way!

We stuck around for the awards ceremony which began to drag on after a while.  But, Marie did end up winning a pumpkin that she dug into shortly after.

We had such a blast and the sense of accomplishment makes things so worth it.  I have such high motivation now, and we all cant wait for the next one.

8 Responses to "My First Ever 5K Race Recap"

You CRUSHED your goal! Great job Val!

Thanks although I think I set the bar way too low!

You’re awesome!! Good for you getting out there and having a great time!!

You WILL be at the next one. That is a threat! 🙂

you killed your goal! good job!

Thank you, Lisa 🙂

I had fun too. At my age for my first run, not to shabby. When is our next run?

December 11th! 😀

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