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Slack Attack

Posted on: October 28, 2010

Yeah, I’m slacking. But how couldn’t I be? Just look at our living room!


I swear, couple that with what the kitchen and bedroom look like and it’s grounds for inducing a Val panic attack šŸ˜®

Thank goodness I have a full day off to make a dent in all this madness.

That’s not all I have been up to though. I’ve been doing this . . .

No, not prancing around like a dumb ass . . . Running šŸ™‚

I even bought one of these!


Edit: ANOTHER one of these.

I had 2 ancient Garmin’s waaaay back in the day before running was cool šŸ™„ I have been entertaining the idea of a new one for motivation as I am truly at a place where I am ENJOYING running and there was a sale on this one.

I feel like I’m on a spending binge lately caused by the looming wrath of debt coming up in my very near future. I might as well buy it while I have it . . . I think?

Other than major boring errands, Marie and I have another 5 mile ‘res’ trek planned for this afternoon. This will be the last run before the 5k.

I also have a special dinner planned that I am excited about šŸ˜‰

What have you been up to?


8 Responses to "Slack Attack"

ah very cool! I’ve been wanting one of those!!

On sale for $98 on amazon! The first one i bought WAY long ago was nearly $300.

I’ve been slacking too. šŸ™‚ We’ll at least on the blog/internet end.

YAY on the new gaimen! Maybe if I become a fantastic runner, I’ll feel justified in buying one.

Oddly, even when I was super strapped of cash, we still had enough to buy “fun” stuff. It also taught me to splurge on the things I really wanted–not the stuff I thought I wanted which were just compensation for me being unhappy. Yes, I’m an overeater and an overspender!

Hi Kate šŸ™‚

I’ve been thinking a lot about my spending and it seems that I am just scrimping in areas that don’t count so I can get what I want. I hope that balance continues when i’m TRULY broke šŸ˜‰

Yay for a Garmin! I’m obsessed with mine!

OMG!!! I can’t believe you posted a picture of my living room!! Way to go…keep up the running!! You’re doing an awesome job.

Sooo… you just made me feel so much better! I’ve been slacking too and my living room looks like a hurricane went through it. Hopefully on my home all day Saturday I can make a little dent in it!

Hey girl! Thanks for stopping in!

Good luck getting your living room done. I know mine is going to take another few days. Have fun on your Saturday off šŸ™‚

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  • Ayla: My easiest dinner recipe? PB + banana sandwich. Takes 2 minutes which makes me a very happy girl.
  • kristisn: Yum! That looks like a great dinner.
  • Kate D: After two scarring experiences stuck in big city rush hour traffic (facing the wrong direction) while on vacation with my parents I totally understand

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