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*Finding Balance* Lisa

Posted on: October 19, 2010

Hi Balancing Val Readers! My name is Lisa from I’m an

First, I want to say thanks for Valerie for letting me do this guest post! I hope she’s enjoying herself on VACATION! I’m just a little jealous. She’ll be relaxing and enjoying herself, and I’ll still be here working and studying. Bitter much? No, j/k :).

I’m a 25 (soon to be 26) year old female who works full time and is currently taking classes for Nursing School. I am extremely busy and am trying to find the *balance* between work, school, relationships/social
life, and relaxing downtime. It’s a constant struggle, but something I will always work towards maintaining. I think I do a pretty good job of it.

I love fitness and treating my body with respect. I spent a few years of my life riddled with disordered eating and over-exercising in an effort to have
the perfect body. It was a horrible time in my life and am happy to say that I’ve made my way through the other side. Through prayer, patience, and trust
in myself I’ve learned that enjoying life is much more important than having a perfect body.

I know that Valerie has a few questions she’d like us to answer, so here goes.

*What is something in your life that you are struggling with that’s holding you back from having balance in your healthy life?*

Prior to August 16th, I was doing fantastic with balance in my healthy life. I was eating right, exercising a way that honored my body, and spending time with friends and family. I never felt overworked or stressed.

Well, as you know, life always brings about changes. School started. I’d like to become a Nurse, so I’m taking some pre-requisite courses in Science
while I work full time. So, I work full time and take 10 hours worth of Anatomy and Physiology. It’s exhausting. I’m still learning to balance work,
school, exercise, eating right while maintaining a social life. Relationships are VERY important to me and making those a priority when you are so busy is difficult. It’s also difficult for me right now to maintain a work out schedule because my life is so crazy. Luckily, that is OK with me. That being said, I never want exercise to completely fall by the wayside.

Stress is playing a major role in my healthy living. I am stressed far too often because of all the directions I am pulled in.

*What have you learned so far and what are the steps are you taking to overcome it?*

I’ve learned that nothing is life or death. If I don’t study for 2 years EVERY day, it’s OK. If I don’t make it to the gym, it’s OK. If I overeat due to stress, it’s OK. I can’t put too much pressure on myself (which I tend to do) otherwise, I will crumble.

Also, a weekly goal of mine is to spend time with friends or family once a week. That’s very important to me and keeping that goal always makes it happens. Friends and family will always be more important than the gym or a test grade in my opinion.

Everyday is a struggle and a new learning experience. I am extremely proud of myself for taking this on.

*When I start struggling, I always look at the end result and that thought keeps me going when it gets rough. *


3 Responses to "*Finding Balance* Lisa"

thanks for letting me post on your blog! hope you are having a blast right now!

Great post Lisa! Hope you’re having an awesome vaca Val!

Thank you Lisa! I but a lot of pressure on myself when I was in graduate school and it was pretty rough. I wish I would have let more stuff go.

Good luck with school!

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