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*Finding Balance* Maria

Posted on: October 18, 2010

Hey Balancing Val readers! I’m Maria from the blog La Piattini {The Little

Thank you for taking the time to read my
guest post. I hope Val is having an amazing time on her vacation.

When Val suggested the guest post topic of *something that is holding you
back from having balance* a few different things came to mind.

1. Eating habits
2. Maintaining a healthy weight Body Image

Why the scratch off? To be 100% honest, I have a poor self-image. For my
body type I AM at a healthy weight- but it never feels good enough for me. I
am aware of the negativity in this, and do try to change my mindset on a
daily basis. I’ve come to realize that I need to be happy in my own skin
and focus more on improving my self-image and accepting my body rather than
worrying about the number the scale says. Easier said than done.

Many of the poor eating habits and body image issues came into play last
year when I gained twenty pounds. I have since lost 13 and feel I am at a
healthy maintenance weight, but it’s important to reflect on how I got here
in the first place because it kept me from feeling balanced.

My eating habits were poor…awful even. My dinners typically consisted of
eating either Chex Mix, a bagel, or maybe just some pretzels. Throughout the
day I snacked on whatever was in sight and hardly ever thought twice about
it. There is/was constantly food up for grabs at my job and I would grab it
whenever I saw it just because it was there. When I was feeling bad about
myself, I often binged and then would cry about the binge and then just
binge some more. It’s no wonder I looked at the scale in February and knew
that my life had to change.

It was then that I started my blog. I began what I call “Judicious
” This system allows me to eat only when I’m hungry, listen to my body’s
signals when eating, and monitor portion size. It’s just one step towards
maintaining the healthy balance that I seek and so far I’ve never felt more
happy and free in my life. I’ve come a long way from the Chex Mix days!

I still have a lot to work on and feel blessed to be part of the supportive
blogging community.

*What do you do to try and maintain balance in your life?*


4 Responses to "*Finding Balance* Maria"

I think it’s awesome that you’re honest about where you’re at. Start working on your spirit, self-image…and it will all come together. I can say that you’re goregous..cause you are…but the real gift is you seeing it.

Thanks for sharing a little bit of your story. I think just focusing on your self image and learning to see the beauty in yourself is a GREAT start!

Thanks for sharing that we all might struggle with our image – even if we are the ideal body weight.

Thank you for your kind words! It’s definitely a work in progress and I have my good days and bad days, just like anyone else, right?! I sure hope I can give myself that gift 🙂

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