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*Finding Balance* Marie

Posted on: October 16, 2010

**This special guest post is brought to you by my little sister Marie. When Marie was little, she thought her middle name was Internet because she couldnt pronounce Antoinette . . . I still find this funny.

Either way, Marie deals with a lot of the same issues we all deal with and would like to share a part of her life that has given her confidence and balance. Feel free to show Marie Internet some comment love!**

One thing I always hated when I was little was being compared to my older sister Val. Her friends would constantly joke around that I was her little twin and what not. But the truth is, Val and I have a lot in common: we both have body issues (doesn’t everybody?), we both struggle with having tree stumps for thighs (and she swears we’re just big-boned), we share the same knack for cooking (though I prefer baking), we both like similar music, and we share similar struggles everyday.

But what really sets us apart is that…I’m actually talented at a sport!


Anyways, I’m talking about tennis, you know, the sport that never gets any recognition in America? Yeah, the sport where you run around a court and hit a ball over a net with a racquet, in case you weren’t familiar. But of course, tennis is more to me than just that; it has forever changed my life.

I was always a chunky kid and was always teased when I was little… thanks Val! When I was eleven, my father was told by his doctor to start exercising, after that, everything changed.

My dad played tennis in his college days and decided to head back to the courts once again, with my sister and I tagging along. From that moment on, I fell in a lifelong relationship with tennis. I played it constantly and joined a tennis league. I was playing so much and having so much fun, that I didn’t even realize I had lost 20lbs! Not only did tennis affect my physical appearance, but also it gave me confidence and belief in myself. It made me realize that I wasn’t going to let my body image affect my entire being.

I’m now sixteen and playing varsity high school tennis and I’m really enjoying myself. I have gained so much confidence in my schoolwork and in the classroom. I used to be the shy girl in the corner, but now I can’t stop talking! Tennis has done so much for me, I feel I have to give back something to it!

To all of Val’s followers, I ask you this: Have YOU ever had a “revelation” type event in your life that completely changed you as a person? Good or bad, happy or sad, you will always be able to take something good out of it </strong

PS. Watch and/or play more tennis!

P.P.S. I’m the better twin!


9 Responses to "*Finding Balance* Marie"

Great post, Marie! I’m glad you’ve found a love for tennis.

I would say my revelation type moment was the first time I ran for fifteen minutes straight. I know, doesn’t seem like a lot at all. It was for me because I always thought I was just not destined to be a runner and at that moment I felt like hey, maybe this is for me!

don’t kidd yourself, that’s a huge accomplishment!! i know all about that…running is NOT easy but after awhile it actually becomes fun (well, at least for me 😛 )

Oh how fun 🙂 I didn’t realize you were a twin. It is amazing how physical activity can make a person feel so much better physically and mentally. I have heard tennis is a great full-body work out. I’ve never tried but now I want to after reading this.

I’m glad I could inspire you 😛 Tennis is a wonderful sport, though it’s really hard, it’s extremely fun!!

Hello mini Val!

I’ve actually had quite a few life-changing revelations except that I usually get distracted and forget about them quickly. I’m glad you’ve found something that has changed your life as amazingly as tennis did! I’m still searching for my “thing”. 🙂

Hello Ayla,

I’m sure you’ll have your moment to “shine” like I did.. Whenever you do, just roll with it! 🙂

Hi Marie!

I’m so impressed you found a sport you love that could inspire confidence.

Whenever I have a life changing moment I tend to forget about them–it takes quite a big whack upside the head for me to pay attention and change something. The biggest so far was telling myself after a job change that if I ever became unhappy and would stress out during the weekends I had the permission to quit. I did and now am in a job I’m far happier about.

Excellent post!

I can’t believe that you’re only 16!

I think it’s awesome that you’re doing something that you enjoy doing – and something that gives you a boost in self-confidence! Once you know that you can do one thing, it gives you the confidence that you can do many things…or at least that’s been my experience.

I think you look great – and I hope that you continue to love tennis as much as you have!

Thank you so much Happy Fun Pants!

A lot of aspects of my life have changed because of my continually growing tennis confidence and I’m really grateful that I’m able to experience the change while I’m still young.

Thanks for the pick me up!

P.S. I love your username 🙂

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