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Conversations With Myself

Posted on: September 10, 2010

Me: I have been pretty bummed about the way Im not listening to my body as much as I did when I first started eating intuitively.

Inner Voice: Well, you should be proud of yourself for coming so far in fixing your relationship with food

Me: Thats the problem, I don’t think that it is about the food anymore, because if it was . . . I wouldn’t be sabotaging myself and falling off the wagon a lot. I would TRULY and HONESTLY want to feed my body right because that’s what it deserves.

Inner Voice: Well then there is your problem right there!

Me: What do you mean?

Inner Voice: I mean that under all these food issues, the real problem is that you don’t love and accept yourself. Someone who loves and accepts themselves honestly, is someone who feeds themselves well out of love.

Me: Your absolutely right and thats kind of sad . . . Well, then how do I love and accept myself?

Inner Voice: . . . . . I don’t know, but you must figure it out

Me: *sigh*



16 Responses to "Conversations With Myself"

Maybe your Inner Voice needs to talk with my Inner Voice and they can figure out the answer together and report back to us.

Good plan! Let’s set up a play date for them 😉

My inner voice needs in on that conversation too. Seriously.

It is huge to really accept that it is not about the food at all. You are on the right track!

Alright . . . We got 3 inner voice convos to join up. Anyone else? 😉

Good for you for being so open to listening to your inner voice…it’s right.

Thanks Christie. It’s very frustrating to know the problem, but not how to solve it. Loving myself is not an easy task. I’m not sure if I ever have fully.

As Christie said, the inner voice is right. And take time each day to really think about all the wonderful things that make you you. Really look and I have no doubt you will find them. Then believe them and carry them with confidence. Know you are worth everything!!! Hope you’re feeling better today. And kudos for the progress you have already made. 🙂

Thank you Tina! 🙂

I don’t listen to my inner voice much anymore–the only one I listen to is the one that says–let’s eat crap today because it will be fun. However–after eating “crap”–I never feel good–I feel worse. I need to understand that being healthy–is not punishment, but it means I love myself more, because I usually feel so much better when I take on healthy eating habits.

Your here!!

I’m so excited 🙂

And your absolutely right! Isn’t it sick that we KNOW that and yet still choose to eat garbage that makes us feel bad? Knowing that is the first step right?

I think everyone runs into this problem when learning to eat intuitively. I’ve run into it a bunch of time then move on, thinking I’ve solved it, only to get stuck in it again. I think we unwind it a little each time we cross it, so hopefully some day we’ll finally have it figured out.

That’s an excellent way to look at it. Everytime I get to this place, I learn a lesson. Hopefully at some point I will learn all the lessons I need to make it stick once and for all!

So very Eat Pray Love of you! I do the same thing 🙂

I know! Everytime I see that post I think . . .

‘What do you want to do today, Liz?’


ok I am finally stopping by..slaps her own wrists..sorry 😦 BUT OH MY HEAVENS! I LOVE this post. It’s what I have been thinking about. I would just say..keep having these conversations. BECAUSE the little insights into who you are as a human being are the ones which bring forth for you the ways to stop engaging in the behaviour that is challenging you. Today I had a great day. came home stressed..and ate while standing as a response. Made a note, will check myself next time. I think that when I was hard-core dieting this conversations of insight would have never happened..because it would have just been myself beating myself up.

Good on your for starting and ENGAGING in these convos. 🙂

This is a really “cool” post! Thanks for sharing your inner dialogue. It seems you’re developing some great insights.

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