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I’m Hungry But Cant Eat What I Want

Posted on: September 8, 2010

Alright, I have been stressed about something the past few days. I can’t really explain why here, but believe me I am learning from it. šŸ˜¦

Im learning about how ‘auto-pilot’ I go when something is on my mind and taking control. I stop listening to my huger cues so much and I definitely don’t listen to my fullness signals as well either.

In the midst of everything, I pondered about something that has been happening . . .

Has this ever happened to you?

You get hunger pangs, that start draw your attention to the emptiness in your stomach. You think about eating and what sounds good to you. You don’t quite know exactly what you want, but you know the genre . . . Sweet, salty, carby, savory, protein-ish, warm, cold, liquidy

You finally decide on the theme . . .

You get to the kitchen . . . Scratch around a bit and . . . NOTHING.

There is absolutely nothing in the house that will satisfy your true hunger at this moment.

So what do you do?

Do you go out and get what it is that you want?

Or do you make do with what you have and eat a meal that cures hunger, but not in the pleasurable way?

I have to say most of the time, I try and make something out of what I have in the house. But that often leaves me feeling like I ‘missed something’ and that I need to eat AGAIN to satisfy the real craving. It’s as if my body carves out room for something specific and the hole won’t go away until it gets exactly what it needs. It’s like using a square shape block to fit into a circle.

I don’t always have time or money to go out and buy what I want, especially in the moment. And these days, I don’t always have a good enough stocked fridge and cabinets to create the perfect satisfying meal, but I am working on it.

I know every meal is not going to be perfect and that’s fine with me. It just seems to happen a lot lately and I’m wondering if you ladies go through this too.

What if you are in a situation where you must eat a sandwich if your craving a smoothie? Do you eat the sandwich anyway to cure the hunger. Or do you wait it out for what it is that you really want.


8 Responses to "I’m Hungry But Cant Eat What I Want"

You can eat what you want – you just have to control how much of it you eat.

I understand what you mean.

I was referring to when you know exactly what you want to eat, but are forced to settle for something else like when you are craving something but there is no food you want in the house and going out and getting something is not an option. What would you do then?

It depends. We are on a budget, so no, I would probably make do with what I had at home. But… Our bodies are so complex, they know that if we need a certain nutrient to make up for something that we are lacking, it could be that is why you are craving something and nothing else will satisfy. So if it persists, I would fufill that craving. Except when it comes to sugar, those are sneaky cravings and not really true cravings. Although, sometimes you just need sugar. šŸ™‚

Well, I agree that it really depends. I’m at a place in my intuitive eating journey that I am pretty well aware of the types of foods my body wants and needs and as a result buy those kinds of foods. But, I do have times where only a trip out is going to solve it. And in those times, if it is a matter of must eat now or lose my mind, I eat something else and save the craving because if it is true need, the craving will still be there.

I also work really hard to understand the difference between emotional cravings for food and real, nutritional cravings for food. Sometimes, if I am cravings comfort food, what I actually need is a long hug from my husband or a nice long chat with a friend and those cravings are usually the ones where I can’t identify exactly what I want. Like, I want something sweet or creamy or fried or greasy. Instead of I want a raw kale salad with lots of artichokes (a common craving of mine). For me, real cravings, from nutritional needs, are exact and emotional ones are very vague.

I found there is a little bit of trial and error involved. If you are truly hungry, eat something that will satisfy your hunger. You can even say to yourself “I don’t have what I’m craving, but I’m eating this so I won’t be hungry.” Make note of the craving you have. Then the next time you go to the store, buy something that will satisfy your craving. Then you’ll have the food on hand for when you are craving it again.

I’ve noticed I go through cycles. Some weeks I can’t get enough of a certain type of food, then I won’t eat it for a month or two. However, I always have some on had just in case a craving strikes.

Once I was craving cheesecake (I blame the Golden Girls reruns). It went on for four days until after work on a Friday night I stopped by the grocery store, bought a single slice of cheesecake and ate it. Boom, no more craving for cheesecake and no binge from avoiding eating what I wanted. (On the diet I might have made the sugar free cheesecake pudding which is a sorry substitute.)

PS Cheesecake isn’t one of the foods I normally keep on hand, its one of those really rare food cravings I have.

i usually eat the sandwich, but if a smoothie’s not too far away i’d wait for that. it really just depends on timing for me!

hope everything’s ok girl!

It depends. If I’m hungry, I’ll eat just about anything. I’m not picky. If I’m really craving something though, I try my best to get it. Also, I try to keep a well-stocked kitchen so I’m not stuck choosing between canned soup and instant oatmeal.

I think sometimes you just need to eat something to curb your hunger, even if its not what you really crave. If you are still craving that food, go get it next time or go to the grocery store for your next meal.

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