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I DONT Feel better After Exercising

Posted on: September 7, 2010

This morning I woke up at 5am after a night of tossing and turning due to raging heartburn, and the fact that still . . . It was too hot and dry in our room.I told myself just to get up and go run anyway because I will feel better after. As my mom drove us to the beach, I contemplated sleeping in the car while she worked out.

So, I walked the first 15min like usual without music. Then when it came to the time I usually run, I turned on the music and it just seemed too noisy. So I walked and walked until I was a little more then half way thorough and tried again.

I lasted a hot 10 seconds . . .

Now, I was getting angry. I skipped a little bit of what I usually do and focused on getting back to the car. I started feeling just heavy, gross and noticed my new bloat I was sporting jiggled with every step.

My mom stopped to talk to a fisherman that she knows in the distance and I stopped far enough away from them waiting for her to come back so I could grab her keys. She stayed there for a good 5min and waved me over to come meet him. I obviously was in no mood so I threw my arms in the air and she came back and I snapped at her telling her I didn’t want to talk to anybody.

Now I’m sitting in the car waiting for her to finish and you know what?

I DONT feel better after exercising today.

I know I shouldn’t be hard on myself for walking. And I know a biting reason why I didn’t have the energy was because of all the processed food and sugar I ate all weekend, but I thought I was supposed to feel better. Isn’t that the rule?


At home I have a mountain of laundry to tackle and I have to head in for a stressful afternoon at work. I hope I cam turn this fowl mood around by then. 😦

We have all heard that we should exercise even if we don’t feel like it because no matter what we will feel better. Has that ever not been true for you too?


12 Responses to "I DONT Feel better After Exercising"

Nothing in life happens the exact same way. I have bad exercise days too…I just pat myself on the back for effort and move on!

I agree, but how do you know those days when it’s just better to stay in bed?

I feel like I was up so early, I didn’t even have time to REALIZE that it was going to be a ‘better off in bed’ day.

There have been times when I hated working out–spending 30/40 minutes on the treadmill cursing everything I can think of. I usually didn’t recognize how good I felt until I let some anger go and was able to recognize my body was thankful for moving.

In the grand scheme of things you did your best–even if it wasn’t want you expected.

that’s only happened to me once or twice, and typically it’s a sign that i’m sick! i hope you feel better sweetie!

You may be on to something Heather. I really haven’t been feeling great lately. Thanks!

The trick for me is to never workout in the morning. I do it on occasion and I always hate it. Always.
Dont be too hard on yourself. We all have bad days, getting out there at all after no sleep is impressive on its own.

Hey Val!! Don’t be down!! At least you got up and gave it an effort. You’re better than me, because I wouldn’t even have gotten out the door. I have some salad boost waiting for you at work…maybe that will help cheer you up LOL!!

Focus on the good! You got out there and walked and that shows your effort. You could’ve just stayed in bed sleeping and not gotten in any exercise at all!

for me there is never a morning I wanna do cardio.
and there are mornings that afterward I PHYSICALLY dont feel better but as Im typing this 🙂 Im realizing that I do like knowing if I do NOTHING ELSE THAT DAY Ive done my 30 min of cardio.

ignore me 🙂

Your right and believe me I do feel better 93% of the time. Just every once in a while, I get a day where it doesn’t help my mood or feeling.

But i should just be grateful that I at least got my butt moving! 🙂

I took a nap afterwards anyway 😉

I don’t believe in that. I believe in listening to my body and letting it tell me what to do. Our bodies need rest; it is just as important as the exercise itself.

I’ve abused exercise just as I have abused food and have learned that exercising when my body needs to rest is just another form of not taking care of myself.

It has been hard but now that I don’t force myself to exercise and only participate in exercise that I actually enjoy, when my body feels like it, I exercise more consistently than I ever have. No guilt. No strings. No rules created by some stupid “health” magazine. Just me, moving my body with joy.

I don’t usually dont have trouble knowing when I need rest and knowing when I’m just being plain lazy. This time waa tricky though.

I know what you mean about doing something you like. I once trained for a body building competition and it took me so long to admit that i just wasn’t into weight training enough to continue. That’s also one of the reasons I quit being a personal trainer too 🙂

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