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The Balance Of Unplugging

Posted on: September 2, 2010

I love my iPad. Despite all of the drama it caused, it’s really helping me in a lot of ways that I couldn’t have imagined.

It has . . .

Organized my life with digital to do lists.

Allowed me to take a connection to the world anywhere I go.

Makes me take more images of memories since they can easily be uploaded.

Allows me to answer any question about anything on the fly.

Allowed me to start blogging my life so I can find my voice, place, and confidence in this world

I am incredibly grateful that my dad has given me this gift and thankful for all of the things above. However, there is one recurring problem lately . . .


I find myself always using it from the few seconds that from when I wake up to the few moments I have just before bed. I find myself craving it at work and find every excuse to use it when I am out and about.

Since it’s changing my life for the better, I don’t see a huge problem with it. But sometimes, I can feel my eyesight getting worse and I can see that Chris although supportive, is starting to make sly comments about my usage. Part of me thinks that most of it has to do with the fact that everything is so new and exciting. I spend most of my time in the blogosphere learning and growing and I want to continue that. I also think that the online magazine subscriptions and endless apps are so interesting that who wouldn’t want to continue seeing whats out there?

But, today I planned to head out for a nice walk/jog hours and hours ago and even when i put this little guy down, I always end up picking it back up and getting sucked in.

Might as well check my email after I check my bank account. Oh theres a comment on my blog . . Let’s check out her blog. This looks interesting too. Wonder who is on her blog roll. Oh I forgot to check this persons blog today. Let me go back to checking my email, oh wait . . . Wasn’t I checking my bank account?


I gotta find a balance here. Maybe a cut off time, or maybe I should limit my hours on here. Er, that seems too daunting. If it makes me happy . . . I should be on here a lot. But not at the cost of my personal relationships and the time I’m supposed to be hanging out with myself.

Do you struggle with the balance of staying plugged in? How have you dealt with it?


3 Responses to "The Balance Of Unplugging"

I do struggle with trying to unplug and have implemented a couple of rules that have helped. I always unplug after dinner. I leave my laptop in my office and leave my blackberry in the kitchen. It is one of those out of sight out of mind things.

I just recently started unplugging on Sundays after my husband wakes up (he typically sleeps about 3 or 4 hours later than I do). And this has REALLY helped, especially in the department of our relationship. Since my job is now all based online with my blog and my coaching business, I easily get sucked in and it is hard for me to check out of my home life.

One of the things I do to help me remember that I am unplugged is to turn whatever it is completely off.

I have been really trying to unplug a whole lot more lately. When I am at home I just want to enjoy my family! Ironically, what caused me to realize that being plugged in was an issue for me was that I was feeling super disconnected – from real people! (not that y’all aren’t real but you know what I mean : )

Sometimes I try to set limits on my screen time, but my new tactic is to remember to “connect with something real,” and many times that’s enough to get me to unplug and do something else. Positive energy over negative, right?

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