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Workout Goal Accomplished

Posted on: August 29, 2010

So I did it! It’s weird that today’s run/jog was better than the other two. I thought today would be the day where I was so sluggish and frustrated that would just get pissed off and walk the whole way, but l ended up running more this workout then any of them! The only problem i had was my reaction when i caught a glimpse of myself in car windows. I felt gross 😦

I kind of feel a little guilty though. I withdrew myself from a social situation with some girlfriends partly because I wanted to make sure I ran, and partly because I was too tired and wanted to stay with Chris. I know they are mad, but they will get over it in time. Plus, it involved eating raw cake and cookie batter. 😳

As for the upcoming week, i don’t see why I can’t keep the same goal. Especially since I am off a bunch of days due to us switching hours and the holiday. I like this routine. It’s working for me right now. Maybe I will even do it 4x 😀

Dad went with us this morning to snap some pics and video. He is going to email me the video of me running on the sand and the awesome video of the sun rising on the beach. For now though here is a picture of a house close to the boardwalk. These peeps must have a good landscaper:)


2 Responses to "Workout Goal Accomplished"

OK, I feel a little mixed about what you said about the social withdrawal but wanted to tell you that feeling tired and wanting to spend time with Chris is no reason to feel guilty. And even if you really withdrew because you wanted to exercise and avoid the cake and cookie batter, there is no need to feel guilt. I do hope that you get to a place where you embrace ditching exercise to go eat cake batter with your girlfriends instead but in the meantime, there are no mistakes, only lessons. No need to feel guilty about learning who you are and what this all really means for you.

Thanks for reading my blog! Some of the places we like to hike are Cheesequake State Park, Hartshorne Woods Park in Middletown (this is the one I photographed in that post), and Huber Woods Park.

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