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A Day Of Intuitive Eating Series

Posted on: August 28, 2010

When the world of intuitive eating unfolded for me, I was very excited and scared. I was excited because I knew it was possible, but scared because I didn’t know how. I turned to the blogs where real people were sharing their experiences good and bad and that helped a lot. Especially Honor My Health and Health for the Whole Self

Sometimes, I get on such a roll with listening to my inner wisdom and I am soaring through the day so positively. Other days I am distracted by other things and I am not following the guidelines as closely as I could (but, I am conscious about it). One of the things that I wanted to try and do was document a whole day of intuitive eating. This includes my moods, feelings, hunger scale, what I ate ect. I want to not only do it on a ‘normal’ day, but also days where I am at work, or days that I will be out for most of it, or days where I sit home all day. No day is the same, so I know the way I eat won’t be. Now I am still figuring out how I am going to lay this out. My guess is that I will be posting my day in 3rds or more just to kind of tune into my feelings more at that time. Other times, I won’t be able to get to posting as soon as I feel something, but i will be sure to keep a pen and pad with me to make sure I get it up here the way its meant to be.

I hope to start this today so stay tuned and let me know if you have any ideas or things you would like me to document in the process!

4 Responses to "A Day Of Intuitive Eating Series"

Basically, you are doing a blog version of a food mood journal. Good for you for getting in there and digging around. That is the place where you can really change your relationship with food. I will be watching along as you do this!

Thanks Christie! I’m already finding that it is bringing me to listen more just knowing I am blogging everything here. I’m interested to see how I do on other days like a work day, or a day I’m completely away from home ect. Thanks for reading!

I’m interested to see how this goes as well. I always have the best intentions with my food/mood journal, but I always forget to fill it out after lunch.

I hear you on that! I’m going to try my best to do full days when I do this series. Thanks for following along!

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