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Grey Sunday

Posted on: August 22, 2010

Last night I barely slept. My nose kept stuffing up and I kept sneezing like crazy. Not to mention the MAJOR heartburn from last nights meal. I planned to get up and run on the beach in the morning. This is something my mom has been doing for years now and it’s helped her lose a lot of weight. In the past year I try and make sure I also go a couple times a week because it is an excellent workout and a peaceful start to the day. It takes about one hour and 15min to complete and I alternate walking and jogging intervals on the sand, boardwalk and street. No workout is ever the same and i never put any pressure on myself as to how far to run, how fast ect. This is a big step for me since i literally could not do ANY type of exercise without wearing a heart rate monitor and beating myself up because i didn’t burn X amount of calories on any given workouts.

Anyway, despite all the factors I had working against me this morning, I decided to go anyway and just do it. I gotta take my own advice sometimes and realize that the worst thing that could happen by going when I don’t want to is that:

A. I have a crappy run
B. It will make me too tired during the day
C. . . . Um, I got nothin’

So, yeah wow, I’ve been making pretty poor excuses for myself for not being consistent with my beach exercise. If i have a crappy workout, then I get over it and still feel good knowing i did something. And of course the solution to being to tired is also, get over it or take a nap! This is kind of sad because this is one of the few types of exercise that i really enjoy.

I’ve decided to make a commitment to doing this 3 times next week. I just want to accomplish one week at a time and my motivation is that I know how much better I feel about well, everything when I am consistent. I will update my progress through the week and snap some shots of my views.

Of course, they are calling for rain all week though . . . . πŸ˜•


2 Responses to "Grey Sunday"

I love running on the beach! You’re right, it is so peaceful.

I used to always make excuses to avoid exercise (ok, I still do sometimes), but sometimes I find just getting up and doing it makes all the difference. Running puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day whether it was a crap run or not.

I love how you are taking a more balanced approach to exercise! It sounds like you’re making reasonable goals, and doing it because it’s peaceful and makes you feel good, not just b/c of the calorie burn. So liberating, isn’t it? πŸ™‚

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